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Delight, Love, Grow, Heal

Christian Marriage Counseling in St. Louis

Christian Marriage Counseling

Imagine you and your husband or wife could experience greater unity and passion in your marriage.  What if you were going on romantic dates again? What if you felt pursued, and enjoyed better sex, what if you could be best friends?   What if you were able to be on a mission as a team, serving God's kingdom and finding immense purpose together? What if marriage could be sacred, what if it could be a forever-marriage?

There is no shame in getting counseling, even couples who feel they are "ok" benefit from marriage counseling. Why settle for "ok" when you could experience the fullness and delight that God created marriage to be?

Now is the time to write new chapters in the story of your marriage.  Compose lines filled with sweeter love, deeper laughter, and more happiness. Quickly gain new tools and use proven techniques to have the richest marriage possible.  

Sessions can be scheduled, weekly, every other week, or up to 3x a week for a more intensive approach. On occasion, I also offer what is called intensive marriage counseling meaning couples would schedule 4 hours or more on a weekend day to expedite the healing process as well as alleviate the "we just got started and now the session is over" feeling. Call today for a free, 10-minute consultation with no commitment. 

Explore all of this in a Christ-centered grace-filled environemnt.

Confidential | Safe | Warm | Compassionate

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christian marriage counseling

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St. Louis Marriage Counseling

Heal Fully

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Brian Bachman, LPC, MA, EMDR Therapist

Marriage Counseling For:

Infidelity, Porn, Intimacy Issues, Communication, Conflict, Grief, Preventing Divorce and more

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