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You're stuck, frustrated, and need help.


Together, with high-quality Christian counseling, we'll get you on a path to peace, growth, and healing.

Can Psychology be Biblical? Is Counseling Biblical?

Great question! I know many Christians that ask this question and are wary of psychology - sometimes for good reason. Psychology is an enormous field and like all created things can be used in God-glorying ways or self-glorifying ways. When our end goal is to feel self-sufficient, not needing God and even other humans psychology and counseling are being used improperly. When we understand our stories and wounds that get in the way of being honest with God and others we are using these gifts well.

Let's look at an example. In my life, I struggled with so much shame that I often wasn't honest with God about my sin.  I downplayed everything. This affected my relationship with God and the intimacy we were designed to have. Does this sound familiar? Maybe in your life? What about in the Garden of Eden? Adam and Eve messed up - big. Their first response was to hide and lie. As a counselor, I've seen a couple of hundred people play out this same dynamic. Our instinct is to avoid God. Christian Counseling is designed to very much validate and understand our experience (empathy and compassion) while also pointing us back to the Biblical narrative (truth and loving challenge).

Look at another example. Jesus didn't just give us the Bible and written information about God. He entered our story. He took on flesh and showed great compassion, love, kindness, and patience. He understands that the human heart is fragile (unless we've hardened it) and that the way to heart change is often by listening, kindness, and love. If you have more questions or doubts about this feel free to check out my podcast (Knowing Jesus). I often talk about the correlation between Jesus' actions and how they represent what Christian counseling should be like - creating a safe place for people to be honest so they can heal and live out God's plans for them.

I've seen many people's walk with God become deeper and more real after counseling. Honestly, that is my favorite part of counseling - to see people become more alive and more connected to their Creator. I would love to walk with you on your journey.

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Brian Bachman, LPC

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Do I have to commit to "x" number of counseling sessions?

No. You can schedule as many or as few counseling sessions as you want; there is no obligation. If you decide to cancel and cancel with 48 hours' notice you will not be billed! Though there is no commitment, keep in mind that counseling is most effective when regularly attended until goals are met.

Do you take insurance?

No.  Insurance companies require session updates, notes, and personally identifiable information to be shared with them. Therapy should be a safe and confidential place and I do not believe others should be part of this experience. 

However: many insurance companies will reimburse Out-Of-Network counseling sessions. I have yet to encounter a company requiring any progress updates or information from counseling sessions when you use OON benefits.  


I provide paperwork for you to appeal to your insurance company for reimbursement. This is free money, so I encourage you to call them. 

Counseling FAQs Questions Saint Louis

Can I talk to you before scheduling a counseling session?

Due to demand and "no shows" I am sorry to say I am no longer able to offer 10-minute consultations. 

How many sessions should I expect?

Many clients reach their goals after 3-6 months and typically within 20-30 sessions. Past results do not guarantee future ones and every case is different. 

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a safe place for you to be heard, explore your thoughts and feelings, find compassion, be lovingly challenged to grow, receive education, and be overall supported in your journey of meeting your goals. Exchange ineffective and draining patterns with life-giving ones.

Are you seeing people in person?

I offer counseling sessions in-person and via Video


Start your journey to healing and book an appointment now 

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