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What Does it Mean to Be a Man?

Empowering Men in Success, Marriage, Connection and Legacy

Imagine a life where communication doesn't break down and turn into arguments with loved ones, where conflict can be a learning experience instead of feeling unproductive and exhausting. How good would it feel to have a renewed sense of purpose that doesn't have to go up and down with the stock market, promotions, or other "success" markers?  Consider how your life might change if you had the tools to quiet the negative messages in your head that say "you're not good enough."  Men can often try to do life on their own for fear of coming across as weak. 


If you feel like you’re drowning silently, I would like to personally invite you to a revolutionary workshop that addresses some of the issues facing all men today.  We will courageously explore all of this in a safe, confidential environment. The workshop will integrate education and interaction to better solidify knowledge. A better life is knocking at the door... will you answer?  

Date/time: October 30th 7-9pm; October 31st 9am-12pm

Format: In-person and there will be a panel for further wisdom

Facilitator: Brian Bachman, MA, PLPC, EMDR

Target audience: Men 21+ Limited seats available

Cost: $45 

Location: Chesterfield Counseling Associates Conference Room

Register: Send me an email for now, the event link will be live soon.