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Human Flourishing and the Counter Cultural Kingdom

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

I'm so curious by the disconnect of the Jesus of the New Testament and how attracted people were to Him and the current religious climate. Sure, the religious leaders hated Jesus, but the outcasts, the non-churched people were drawn to Him.

What are we missing? I would argue that we as Christians have such a limited experience and heart-knowledge of His love. Love is a word and concept instead of fuel on an ever-burning fire.

I also wonder, how much are we focused on to do lists and change – results – over relationship with Christ. By no means do I argue that the law or a guide is unnecessary, but the Holy Spirit’s job is to transform me. My job is to be open to transformation not to make it happen myself.

Those without law can grow and change by listening to the Holy Spirit (often the conscience) who nudges them before their mind every comprehends why they would or wouldn’t do an action.

When we encounter this life-giving, life-changing, loving savior, we feel graciously and joyously compelled to share Him. Do you ever experience a great TV show, song, or podcast (😉) and have to share it? Yeah, I believe when we experience God truly and meaningfully – not just as a “to do list” or to pacify religious duty – He IS exciting to share and talk about. This is why the Samaritan woman had to…

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