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Jesus Heals and Yet There is Mystery

Why did Jesus say that we have to see signs and wonders to believe? Why does Jesus heal some people and not others?

As someone who has struggle with physical ailments and depression I have often wrestled with God. Why do you allow this? Why don’t you fix my pain? Don’t you want me to serve you better?

There can often be good intentioned Christians who then heap shame and pain on top of the suffering. If you just have enough faith. If you just prayer enough. If you… But we don’t see this evidence in scripture. If anything, we see theme after theme of Jesus highlighting humanity ineptness to have enough faith

(help my unbelief… please just take me to the pool so I can be healed by an angel… I asked the Lord thing times to this this away and He said, my grace is sufficient for you)

As Christians we are invited into a widely exciting life. We can pray for miracles and sometimes they happen. BUT we also can pray and sometimes not get the answer we would like to see. How do we hold the tension? How do we allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to ask for mountains to be moved but then also supportive enough that if/when they don’t move how do **we grieve together** how do we long for the new heavens and new earth together while not giving up on the here and now?

Hear more on the topic on Episode 8 of the Knowing Jesus Podcast ”Healing Suffering and Mystery”

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