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Brian Bachman, MA, LPC

About me

Hi, My name is Brian Bachman and I love being a counselor. Besides the joy I get from walking alongside I find a lot of fun in: creating music, gardening, being a husband of an amazing woman, board games (I am a total nerd!), meeting new people and living life to the fullest.


I take pleasure in my craft and find it an honor to care for, listen to, and empower my clients on their road to healing. I work at a private practice called New Pathways Counseling. I am a trained licensed professional counselor in the state of Missouri. I use many different models to meet the individual counseling needs of my clients. Feel free to read on to learn more about what I do!

I hope you reach out and we can partner together to meet your goals!

Counseling Philosophy

Counseling is about being able to share anything without judgment or shame.  Therapy is a place where you can explore what isn’t going well and find relief for stress, anxiety, depression and relationship issues.  Being able to feel heard and seen is powerful. I am honored that I get to provide such a valuable service to others. I’m passionate about mental health, in part, because I’ve experienced my own therapy that made me love life and accomplish things I never thought were possible.  Don't underestimate the power of someone being in your corner. 


I believe in being a holistic clinician. This means I look at personalities (Myers Briggs, Enneagram and others), attachment (how our parents shaped us and messages that affected us from our home life), relationships (past and present peers and role models that shaped us), external brokenness (how others have hurt us) and internal brokenness (how we have hurt ourselves or others) and finally physical and chemical factors that affect our mental and emotional functioning (neuro-chemistry, sleep, diet, exercise, learning disabilities). 


If you, or someone you know, need a counselor it would be my pleasure to walk with you on your journey to a fuller life. I delight in seeing my clients grow and accomplish their goals and find healing for their pain. 

Counseling Techniques

I am formally trained in EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing). This technique is used for core beliefs, trauma and PTSD. I incorporate models and methods of attachment, schema therapy, IFS (internal family systems), EFT (emotionally focused therapy), CBT, DBT, and person-centered talk therapy.

For couples therapy, I can see them individually and together but I have a "no secrets policy." This means that whatever one partner shares they will have to bring up to the other party within a few sessions. This is to prevent triangulation and foster healthy open and intimate relationship between you and your significant other. 

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