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You're stuck, frustrated, and want freedom from pornography.


Together, with high-quality counseling, we'll get you on a path to healing.

Counseling & Healing from Pornography

Porn is the worst. Pornography is a counterfeit that seduces you into thinking, this is the last time, this video will fulfill you, and this will take away the emptiness and loneliness but it's all a lie. 


The cycle continues along with building frustration, pain, damaged relationships, self-loathing, and shame until something changes. You want to get off the treadmill and we can do that together. Schedule an appointment now.

Now Accepting New Online Video Clients 

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Brian Bachman, LPC

5 Star reviews on Google and Fresha



   No Judgment

  Licensed and Certified

  Easy, Flexible, Online Scheduling

     Professional yet Approachable

Online But Comfortable (Not Awkward)

      No Hidden Fees


To ensure complete confidentiality I do not take insurance.

Step 1: Make an Appointment

1. Click an option to make your first appointment

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Step 2: Fill Out Paperwork

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2. Digital Paperwork is sent after you book an appointment. 


(email & paper copies available too)

Start counseling and working towards your goals! Simple, right?

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I'm excited to work with you!

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What Clients Say

I was numb and used to escape and check out... it was ruining our marriage...I now look forward to counseling and didn't know expressing my emotions could make our marriage better.

Losing our child was tearing us apart because we weren't able to grieve together, we were fighting against each other instead of with each other... now we're in this together

I didn't know we could ever heal from my infidelity.... we went from avoiding and only crying to building a new future and somehow are closer than we were before



My Counseling  Specialties

Men's Issues
Communication, anger, sexual issues, pornography thera, checking out, fatherhood and more. Online Therapy Available.


Clinically proven to heal trauma and PTSD. This approach is often much quicker than talk therapy but can be exhausting.  

Couples Counseling
No one is perfect. Every relationship needs guidance. Counseling is not failing. I primarily use EFT for couples counseling. 

Life can be overwhelming and disappointing - and that's without a global pandemic! Sometimes unexpected events happen that shake us, and leave us powerless and hyper-vigilant. Sometimes we look at our relationships and wonder, "how did we get here? or "how did I get so empty?" 

Whatever is weighing on your heart, you don't have to do this alone. 


You can explore solutions and find relief with counseling in a safe, compassionate, confidential environment.  


Be empowered and supported on your journey to a fuller, richer life and get free from pornography with counseling.

Male Therapist Near Me


Do I have to commit to "x" number of counseling sessions?

No. You can schedule as many or as few counseling sessions as you want; there is no obligation. If you decide to cancel and cancel with 48 hours' notice you will not be billed! Though there is no commitment, keep in mind that counseling is most effective when regularly attended until goals are met.

Do you take insurance?

No.  Insurance companies require session updates, notes, and personally identifiable information to be shared with them. Therapy should be a safe and confidential place and I do not believe others should be part of this experience. 

However: many insurance companies will reimburse Out-Of-Network counseling sessions. I have yet to encounter a company requiring any progress updates or information from counseling sessions when you use OON benefits.  


I provide paperwork for you to appeal to your insurance company for reimbursement. This is free money, so I encourage you to call them. 

Counseling FAQs Questions Saint Louis

Can I talk to you before scheduling a counseling session?

Due to demand and "no shows" I am sorry to say I am no longer able to offer 10-minute consultations. 

How many sessions should I expect?

Many clients reach their goals after 3-6 months and typically within 20-30 sessions. Past results do not guarantee future ones and every case is different. 

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a safe place for you to be heard, explore your thoughts and feelings, find compassion, be lovingly challenged to grow, receive education, and be overall supported in your journey of meeting your goals. Exchange ineffective and draining patterns with life-giving ones.

Are you seeing people in person?

I offer counseling sessions in-person and via Video


Start your journey to healing and book an appointment now 

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